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OYORI is a revolutionary decentralised application platform built on the Polygon Chain, a self-contained blockchain. OYORI is a high-performance platform designed to provide a wide range of services on a single platform. The Polygon Network underpins the OYO Token.


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About Us


Information about the Oyori. Oyori is an enhanced and hybrid return on investment dApp based on the Polygon Network. We chose the Polygon Network to construct Oyori for three primary reasons:

  • Cheaper Transaction Fee

  • Larger Audience

  • More Matured Investors

As A Return On Investment dApp , We Want To Ensure That Oyori is The No.1 Provider Of Financial Freedom To All Of Our Investors ,Regardless Of The Current Global Economic Crisis.

Every action taken by a smart contract necessitates the transmission of a transaction. This means that every action you take on the exchange necessitates a transaction being sent through the Polygon network by a user. All actions, including "Reinvest," "Withdraw," "Sell," and "Transfer," necessitate the sending of a "0" MATIC transaction (with GAS, which costs MATIC, make sure your account for this!). This explains why there are so many "0" MATIC transactions here.

All funds for this exchange are managed by the OYORI smart contract. However, under high load, accessing secure smart contract data can be a bit slow, which is why the main exchange front-end site can feel sluggish at times. You can always use backup sites to accomplish the same tasks. You can also interact with the contract directly.

When you buy or sell on the exchange, you are doing so directly from the OYO smart contract, not from other users. The OYO smart contract is solely in charge of issuing tokens, increasing supply, and burning tokens, decreasing supply. This occurs automatically on all purchases and sales to the exchange. Furthermore, the smart contract is solely responsible for determining the OYO token's value.

Easy steps

How to start?

Connect Your Wallet
Enter Your Amount
Confirm the Transaction
Receive Your OYORI
Why Choose Us

We Translate Your Future Dream Into Reality

Layer 2 scaling methods off-chain transactions into proofs that are submitted back to the main chain. Layer 2 solutions provide faster transaction speeds as well as lower transaction costs. These optimised networks support Ethereum and are highly customizable. As a result, it provides the flexibility required to operate in a niche while remaining connected to the main Ethereum network.

There are numerous layer 2 solutions that address the issues of scalability and high transaction costs, but they must be refined and deployed. OYORI is designed to be a layer-2 agnostic solution that enables the agile exchange of assets across multiple layer 2 networks in a plug-and-play mode, as well as the ability to switch between on-chain and off-chain storage as needed.


Decentralized Application

The 39% amount is deducted, 22% Referral, 3% Marketing Wallet, 3% Lifetime VIP Club and 11% OYO TokenHolders.

Similarly, when someone purchases OYO Token, 11% of the purchase price is distributed to all OYO token holders in proportion to their OYO token holdings.

When someone sells their OYO token, 11% of the proceeds are deducted and distributed among all OYO token holders in proportion to their OYO token holdings.

Every time someone buys or sells an OYO token, a lifetime vip club qualifier will be paid.

There are 7 levels of funnel income totalling 22%, with direct referrals accounting for 10% and the remaining 12% earned as the team grows.

Our Vision

The goal of OYORI is to include "cryptocurrency in every portfolio." We envision a world in which previously exclusive wealth-building methods become available to all, giving people back control over our financial institutions. Our vision is to create revolutionary and engaging dapps on the Polygon Network, such as staking wallets and wallet swapping. Keep an eye on us as we start deploying dapps on the Polygon Network. Staking is a simple way for Polygon investors to generate passive income while also contributing to the network's stability.

Our Mission

Provide a peer-to-peer exchange for NFTs, rare digital items, and cryptocurrency collectibles. On a single platform, you can buy, sell, and auction OYO Token. Allow users to use Swapping, Incubator, Staking Vault, and Wallet all on the same platform. Reduce volatility in your digital asset holdings while increasing positive price pressure. Reduce the barrier to entry into a more advanced financial ecosystem. Operate as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset that is completely decentralized.


How to Buy OYO Token

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  • Download Trustwallet OR MetaMask and transfer all MATIC to it via the Polygon Network during your trade.

  • Access to Trustwallet's OR MetaMask dApp Area and paste the following link: Referral Link Or https://oyori.io

  • Confirm your affiliation with Polygon Network, which can be seen in the upper right corner of the image.

  • After connecting to the wallet, store all of your Matic and enrol it.

  • Congratulations, you are now an OYO Token holder. Plan to benefit on a daily basis!

Road Map

OYORI - Shaping the Future (2023–2027)


Jan 2024 - Mar 2024

Apr 2024 - Oct 2024

Jan 2025

Mar 2026

Sep 2026

Mar 2027

Jun 2027

End of 2027

The OYORI roadmap presents a comprehensive plan for the future, combining technological innovation, community engagement, and real-world utility, paving the way for a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.